Config/Install Payment Plugins

In order to receive donation from donors, you will need to have a merchant account of payment gateways such as Paypal,, Eway, Worldpay...... In Joom Donation, each payment gateway is implemented as a Payment Plugin. There are 5 payment plugins come with the extension by default. They are Paypal,, Money Booker, Worldpay and Offline payment plugins. Other payment plugins don't come with the extension by default, so you will need to purchase it if you want to use it. You can see list of extra payment plugins at Go to Joom Donation => Payment Plugins to manage these payments plugins.

Unpublish the payment plugins you don't use

As mentioned before, Joom Donation has 5 payment plugins come with it by default and in most case, you won't use all of them. So you will need to unpublish (or uninstall) the one you don't want to use. I would suggest you to just unpublish instead of uninstall because you might want to use it in the future (who knows?). To unpublish a payment plugins, there are two ways (see the above image - look at the red arrow to understand what I meant):

  • Click on the green (published) icon in the Published column.
  • Check on the checkbox next to the payment plugin, then press Unpublish button in the toolbar

Config the payment plugins you use on your site

After unpublishing the payment plugins you don't use, you need to configure the one you will be using. Usually, you would like to change the title of the payment plugin and entering the payment plugin parameter (for example, with Paypal payment plugin, you will need to enter your Paypal Email account, set it to use Test Mode or Live Mode....)
To do that, just click on the payment plugin you want to change, enter the information you want and press save button in the toolbar.

Install new payment plugin

Sometime, you will need to use a payment plugin which doesn't come with Joom Donation by default. In this case, you might have to purchase these payment plugins at (if it is available) or develop it yourself (or hire someone to develop it for you). Once you got the payment plugin, you will need to install it. To do that:

  • Go to Joom Donation -> Payment Plugins
  • Scrool to bottom of the page.
  • Click on Choose File button to browse for the payment plugin
  • Click on Install button to process the installation.

Offline payment plugin configuration

Offline payment plugin is a special payment plugin comes with the extension. It allows users to donate for you but actual make payment for the donation later (not at the time they donate for you on your site) by bank transfer, by cash... at a later time.
When users choose offline payment for the donation, the system will mark the donation record as Pending. It will also display a message which guide users how to make payment.... This guide will also be sent to them via email.
So if you use Offline payment plugin, you will have to check and change the message to guide them how to make payment. For example, including your bank account information so that they can transfer money to your bank account. To do that, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to Joom Donation -> Configuration, look at Messages tab
  2. Find the two messages below, change it to meet your need:
    • User email body (offline payment)
    • Thank you message (offline payment)