Released Notes

Joom Donation - Version 4.8 - Released on July 2017

  • Show description of extra fields in Donation form
  • Improve layout: Campaigns list - Add feature to filter Campaigns with Owner IDs
  • Fix issue on pages navigation of Translation tool at Back-end of Joom Donation
  • Fix Donors export issue

Joom Donation - Version 4.7 - Paypal verification and Paypal return issues fixed (April 2017)
This version fixed the issue with Paypal verification and Paypal return (from Paypal site to your owner site).

Joom Donation - Version 4.6 - Paypal Security Announcement (March 2017)
This version fixed a medium level security issue which happens with PayPal payment plugin. In older version, PayPal payment plugin has a bug which allow dis-honest users with certain level technical skill can pay for the subscription using different currency with the currency you set for your system, thus paying lower price for the subscription.

Joom Donation - Version 4.5 - Released on 14th Mar2017

  • Add field Owner for campaign
  • Fix Paypal notify url error
  • Fix Translation tool issue at Back-end side

Joom Donation - Version 4.4 - Released on 17th Feb 2017

  • Disable Donation function with Outdated campaigns
  • Add Campaign photo
  • Add Social Sharing in Donation form
  • Add Custom CSS in Configuration
  • Migrate old and new language files when installation
  • Add Download ID to allow you to upgrade new version from Back-end of Joomla site
  • Fix issue to show campaign header text in donation page
  • Fix issue when exporting donor information to CSV
  • Improve Omnipay library

Joom Donation - Version 4.3 - Released on 19th Feb 2016

  • Re-touching Back-end layouts
  • Adding Ominipay payment library