Donation Form

Display Donation Form

In the next step, you will need to have a way to allow visitors to access to donation form and process donation. There are different ways to setup it as explained below

Use Menu Items

You can create menu item to link to Campaigns list page (when users access to this menu item, they will see list of campaigns and can choose to donate for the campaign they want) or link directly to donation form (users will see a form and can enter information to process donaton immediately). To create menu items to link to Joom Donation, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to backend of your site
  • Access to Menu -> Main Menu (or any menu you want to add menu items to)
  • Press New button in the toolbar
  • In the Menu Item Type, click on Select button. A popup window will be displayed, on that popup window, click on jdonation, you will see different view which you can choose as you can see in the image below:

In this case, we want users to be able to acces to donation form to make donation, so :

  1. If you use Campaigns feature and want users to see list of campaigns, then donate for the campaign he wants, choose Campaigns List menu option
  2. If you want users to see donation form when access to the menu item and process donation, choose Donation Form menu option.

Use Modules

Beside creating menu items to allow users making donation, you can use the modules come with the extension. Usually, these modules will be displayed in a module position on your site (maybe in your homepage) and used as a starting point for users to start making donation. Just publish the module, assigned it to module position you want.

  • Donation Module
  • Campaigns Module
  • Thermometer Module

Use Joom Donation Form plugin

Joom Donation also has a content plugin which allow you to embed donation form of a campaign into a Joomla article. This usually be used if you want to write an artile to describe about the campaign and display donation form right after that description to allow users making donation. The steps are:

  • Go to Extensions -> Plugins manager, find the plugin Joom Donation Form Plugin, publish it.
  • Edit the article you want to display subscription plans, using the syntax {jdform CAMPAIGN_ID}. For example, {jdform 1} will display donation for campaign with ID = 1 in the article.

Customize Donation Form

The donation form in Joom Donation is fully customizable. You can enable/disable some options, choose to show/hide, require/not require any fields on the form, config pre-defined amounts.... Please see the details in the list below:

Change form message

When users access to donation form to process donation, there will be a message displaed at the beginning of the form (as you can see in the image above). To change that default message:

  • Go to Joom Donation -> Configuration, look at Messages tab, find the Donation Page Message config option, and change the message to meet your need.
  • If the campaign on donation form is pre-selected (for example, when users come to this form by click on Donate button on Campaigns list page or when you create a menu item to link to donation form, you choose a campaign for the menu item...), the description of the campaign will be used instead of the message in Configuration. So in this case, to change the message, you will need to edit the campaign and change the description of that campaign.

Allow user registration

If you want to allow your donors to enter username and password to register for an account on your website when they make donation, you can go to Joom Donation -> Configuration, find the config option User Registration, set it to Yes. Otherwise, you can set it to No.

Show Login Box

If you want to users who have existing account on your site to be able to login before continue the donation process (so that the donation record will be assigned to his account), you can go to Joom Donation -> Configuration, find the config option Show login box on donation form, set it to Yes (this should be set to Yes if you allow users registration)

Show/Hide, Require/Not require form fields

If you want to make a field on donation form to be showed/hided or required/not required, please go to Joom Donation -> Custom Fields, publish/unpublish or mark it as required/not required.

Change title of the custom fields

Sometime, you might want to change title of the custom field (for example, change it from Organization to Company, change from Zip to Postal code..). In this case, just go to Joom Donation-> Custom Fields, click on the custom field you want to change and edit it, change the title to meet your need.

Change Pre-defined amounts

By default, Joom Donation has has 4 sample pre-defined amounts (10$, 20$, 30$, 40$). If you want to change these pre-defined amounts to the amount you want, please go to Joom Donation -> Configuration, find the config option Pre-defined amounts, change these amounts to the amounts you want. If you don't want any pre-defined amounts, just empty the value of this config option.

Add more custom fields to donation form

When you first install Joom Donation, the extension auto generate a list of pre-defined custom fields which we call Core Fields. They are First Name, Last name......If you want to collect more information of donors, you can go to Joom Donation-> Custom Fields and create any extra custom fields you want. Joom Donation also has an advanced feature so that each campaign can have it own set of custom fields. If you want to use this feature, go to Joom Doantion -> Configuration, set Custom Fields by Campaigns config option to Yes.